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ZenRoller Light Fascia Roll
ZenRoller Light Fascia Roll
ZenRoller Light Fascia Roll
ZenRoller Light Fascia Roll

ZenRoller Light Fascia Roll

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Your advantages:

  • Soft foam
  • Optimal preparation of the muscles for training
  • Faster regeneration after a workout
  • Prevent sore muscles
  • Release tension and adhesions yourself
  • Enjoy a pleasant massage

ZenRoller Light Fascia Roller

Fascia trainer and massage roller for loosening adhesions & muscle hardening


For fascia training at home

By massaging yourself with the fascia roller made of soft foam, you increase the blood flow to the muscles, prepare them for sporting activities and prevent injuries. The massage roller supports the recovery of the muscle after sports and can reduce muscle soreness. This way you can start your next training session faster! The fascia trainer can specifically loosen adhesions and local muscle hardening - a massage like by real hands, after which you feel like a new person. You can take the lightweight with you everywhere and massage your body from foot to neck in a completely flexible way - no matter if you are just tense or want to knead your muscles.


  • E-book with various exercises

Deine Vorteile

  • Weicher Schaumstoff und verschiedenen Pressure-Zonen
  • Optimale Vorbereitung der Muskulatur auf das Training
  • Schnellere Regeneration nach einem Workout
  • Muskelkater vorbeugen
  • Verspannungen und Verklebungen selbst lösen
  • Wohltuende Massage genießen