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ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion
ball seat cushion

ball seat cushion

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Your advantages:

• maximum seating comfort and massage due to nubbed surface
• ergonomic alternative to the office chair
• relieves the spine
• ideal for strength and balance training
• optimal adaptation to the body
• slip and abrasion resistant
• free from harmful additives & skin-friendly

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ZenBalance – Ballsitzkissen für bessere Stabilität

ZenBalance - ball seat cushion for better stability

ZenBalance is an air-filled and dynamic training device and is used as an unstable base for back and fitness training while sitting, standing or lying down. Your body trains your back and abdominal muscles simply through the targeted instability. In this way, you can easily work on your back health in the office or at home and improve your balance, flexibility and mobility - regardless of your age and performance level.

ZenBalance has an even arrangement of equally sized nubs on both the upper and lower side, which provides an even massage and circulation stimulation of the contact surface and optimally stimulates the acupuncture points of the human body.


Material: PVC
Dimensions: approx. 33 cm diameter
Weight: approx. 850 g
Load capacity: up to max. 120kg

Do your back good!

The use of ZenBalance Plus results in a healthy, strong back and a stable body centre. Your back is effectively and easily relieved and trained at the same time. The intervertebral discs are gently kept in motion and your spinal muscles are trained. The upright posture can be optimised. In addition, the so-called sensorimotor training (interaction between the nervous and muscle systems) has the following effects: Improvement of the nervous system, concentration and coordination, joint stability and movement sequences in general.

I sit - what happens next?

The air filling, the shape and the special high-quality material enable dynamic sitting and training: minimal movements are constantly and immediately transferred to the body. In this way, the deeper back muscles and the sensorimotor system are trained involuntarily. In contrast to sitting on rigid surfaces, these deeper muscles, which are so important for the stability of the body, are also trained. What's more, it can be used anywhere - at home, in the office or when travelling - and it allows you to train without spending any extra time at all.


ZenBalance  is resistant against ultraviolet rays and heat. It can be used in temperatures up to 45°C. Please do not store it permanently exposed to direct sunlight (e.g. near a window). The material becomes softer with increasing heat, therefore accelerating the building up of the saddle effect. This tool also resists below freezing temperatures, however it should not be stored in temperatures below -10°C permanently.
Care: Use any mild standard detergents and disinfectants. Dissolvers as well as acidic or corrosive cleansers can harm the material. ZenBalance  is waterproof.

ATTENTION when inflating:

ZenBalance  comes with the right air charge at delivery. You should take care that the surface is always one level (planar). If the need arises you can still regulate the air charge with a needle pump (included as an accessory) or any other regular Needle pump. Please make sure that the needle does not poke the opposite side of the ball seat cushion. Always moisten the needle of the pump before carefully inserting it into the needle valve. Storage: Please always store your ZenBalance  in a horizontal position.

Recommended by professionals

Our personal trainers Rebecca and Chris have compiled numerous exercises and their perfect execution for you in our workout guide. ZenBalance Plus is not only for relaxed straight sitting in the office or home office, but also perfect for core, functional, rehab, coordination and back training. Use this guide to achieve your training goals and get inspiration for a healthy back.

ZenOne Sports - we move you -

We are a young German sports and fitness brand with the goal of infecting as many people as possible with our enthusiasm for sports and thereby giving them a better attitude towards life.
Under the motto "we move you", we motivate our community to integrate sport into their everyday lives and thereby develop a more conscious and healthier lifestyle. The opportunity to exercise independently and individually with our products strengthens your body and health awareness - without any monthly fixed costs and independent of sports facilities or fitness centres.

Your customer satisfaction is our top priority and our team is looking forward to your questions or suggestions.


Material: PVC
Maße: ca. 33 cm Durchmesser
Gewicht: ca. 850 g
Belastbarkeit: bis max. 120kg


ZenBalance ist UV-beständig und auch bedingt hitzebeständig. Bis 45°C kann das ZenBalance problemlos eingesetzt werden. Es sollte jedoch nicht bei direkter Sonneneinstrahlung gelagert werden (z.B. am Fenster). Das Material wird durch zunehmende Wärme weicher. Das ZenBalance ist auch kältebeständig, jedoch sollte die Lagerungstemperatur nicht unter -10°C liegen. Das Material wird durch zunehmende Kälte fester. Pflegehinweis: Zum Reinigen des ZenBalance kannst du alle milden, handelsüblichen Reinigungs- sowie Desinfektionsmittel verwenden. Lösungsmittelhaltige, säurehaltige oder ätzende Reiniger greifen das Material an. Das ZenBalance Plus ist wasserfest.

ACHTUNG beim aufpumpen

ZenBalance wird optimal mit Luft befüllt ausgeliefert. Du solltest stets darauf achten, dass die Oberfläche "plan" ist. Im Bedarfsfall kannst du die Luftmenge mit einer Nadelventilpumpe (ist als Zubehör enthalten) oder mit jeder herkömmlichen Nadelpumpe nachträglich regulieren. Bitte achte darauf, dass die Nadel nicht in die gegenüberliegende Seite des Ballsitzkissens sticht. Idealerweise feuchtest du die Nadel der Pumpe vor dem vorsichtigen Einführen in das Nadelventil an. Lagerung: Bitte lagere dein ZenBalance immer flach liegend.