• The perfect Fitness Bands

    I have been traning with fitness bands as a supplement to my normal workout for a long time. Typical plastic products are no match for the ZenLoops however.
    My old fitness bands regularly tore while I was working out, I have not had that experience with the ZenLoops. Additionally, they are quite a bit wider, which is good especially for a wider movement circle. They don't smell like plastic and feel comfortable to the touch.


  • Clear Recommendation!

    The fitness bands offer different resistance strengths, I can only recommend them. They have a great finish, coming with grips, door fixtures, and foot loops. Aditionally, ZenOne offers workout guides on the website, offering plenty of traning inspiration. The different bands are made for a variety of different exercises and can be switched quickly. I have been training with the bands for a week now and can highly recommend them to anyone looking for a flexible workout.


  • High Quality Fitness Bands

    The fitness bands are delivered in a handy sack. A complimentary card offers product information in German and Englisch. Aditionally, there is a workout guide for download as an ebook for each product offered. The workout guide is a handy booklet offering a variety of exercises for warming up and training with the product. The workout guides are made by athletes for athletes.


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Workout Guides for safe & effective Training

With the purchase of one of our products you get a detailed workout guide, containing several exercises you can do immediately. Our workout guides are completely free, you will get a download link via mail, as soon as we confirm your order. Next to the exercises tailor made for each product, you also get a free guide on how to handle and maintain your new equipment. Get your inspiration from our workout guide and get on training!

Our Workout Guides