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Gymnastic rings wood
Gymnastic rings wood
Gymnastic rings wood
Gymnastic rings wood
Gymnastic rings wood
Gymnastic rings wood
Gymnastic rings wood
Gymnastic rings wood

Gymnastic rings wood

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Your advantages:

  • Versatile training with your own body weight
  • Non-slip handles made of real birch wood
  • Extra wide and safe straps
  • According to Olympic standards
  • For home workouts or outdoors
  • Padded door anchor can be attached to almost any door

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ZenRings - Gymnastikringe aus Holz nach Olympischen Standards

ZenRings - Gymnastics rings made of wood according to Olympic standards.

Our gymnastic rings are made of finely ground 100% birch wood, which makes their surface pleasantly smooth and at the same time non-slip during sweaty workouts. Our extra-long straps (450cm) with length markings give you more flexibility when attaching them and feature a solid quick release buckle to quickly and easily adjust the ZenRings to the same length.


Material: 100% birch wood
Weight: 1,5kg
Diameter ring: 18cm
Diameter handle: 2,8cm
Length of straps: 450cm
The dimensions comply with the competition guidelines of the International Gymnastics Federation.

Unlimited use to achieve your training goals

ZenRings are a great addition to your strength training at home. With ring training you focus on the upper body and train flexibility and agility at the same time.

Advantages of training with ZenRings:


With our ZenRings you mainly train your upper body, but you can also use them for an effective whole body workout. If you do exercises close to the ground, you can use rings to support or modify many other exercises. ZenRings are suitable for both push and pull exercises. With our padded door anchor, ZenRings can also be attached to a door, making them even more versatile.

Deeper muscle groups are trained

ZenRings are unstable. To keep your body stable during exercise, your deeper muscles have to work properly. As a result, you work muscles that you have probably never felt before.
Flexibility and mobility are promoted
In addition to your muscles, ring training also challenges your flexibility and agility. The mobility of the rings makes exercises possible that are not so easy to do on rigid training equipment. With ring training, a single exercise often activates the whole body.

Gentle training for joints, ligaments and tendons

When training on rings, you can move freely because of the flexibility and are not as rigid as, for example, with a pull-up bar. For this reason, you automatically adopt a natural position and, when performed correctly, protect your ligaments and tendons - thus avoiding overstrain.

Care instructions:
In order to enjoy our ZenRings for as long as possible, we recommend that you do not leave them hanging outside permanently. Rain, sun and wind will damage the wood as well as the straps and buckles in the long run and cause your rings to weather or become brittle.

Recommended by professionals

Our personal trainers Rebecca and Chris have compiled numerous exercises and their perfect execution for you in our workout guide. Use this guide to achieve your training goals and get inspiration for your total body workout.

ZenOne Sports - we move you -

We are a young German sports and fitness brand with the aim to infect as many people as possible with our enthusiasm for sports and to give them a better attitude towards life.
Under the motto "we move you", we motivate our community to integrate sport into their everyday lives and thereby develop a more conscious and healthier lifestyle. The opportunity to exercise independently and individually with our products strengthens your body and health awareness - without any monthly fixed costs and independent of sports facilities or fitness centres.

Your customer satisfaction is our top priority and our team is looking forward to your questions or suggestions.


Material: 100% Birkenholz
Gewicht: 1,5kg
Durchmesser Ring: 18cm
Durchmesser Griff: 2,8cm
Länge Gurte: 450cm
Die Abmessungen entsprechen den Wettkampfrichtlinien des internationalen Turnerbundes.

Grenzenloser Einsatz zur Erreichung deiner Trainingsziele

ZenRings sind eine super Ergänzung für Dein Krafttraining zuhause. Mit Ringtraining legst Du deinen Trainingsfokus auf den Oberkörper und trainierst zugleich Flexibilität und Beweglichkeit.


Um möglichst lange Freude an unseren ZenRings zu haben, empfehlen wir, dass Du die Ringe nicht dauerhaft draußen hängen lässt. Regen, Sonne und Wind setzen auf Dauer sowohl dem Holz als auch den Gurten und den Schnallen zu und lassen Deine Ringe verwittern bzw. brüchig werden.